Our Academy

The meaning of our name:

  • S.A.: National
  • R: Remedial
  • E: Entrepreneurial
  • AL: Assisted Learning
  • Skills: Practised ability
  • Technology: Practical and digital skillfulness

Reality :

  • The needs of learners, with remedial and assisted learning, are not highlighted in schools
  • The demand for remedial teaching rose significantly
  • One third of our population needs remedial education or assisted learning
  • Syllabuses are covered in time and drilling is done without desired results
  • Under achievements in primary schools are escalating significantly


  • Should never let a student engage in a destructive struggle
  • We are not teaching the child in the way they learn
  • Most educators are not trained to handle remedial and assisted learning children
  • Need technological advanced education for an ever changing world

Realistic Prognosis:

  • Operation and administration of a specialised remedial and assisted learning academy
  • Career development for the learners preparing them for the industry
  • Provide a skill and entrepreneurial development service to enable and equip students