We have been established in 2016. As the Department of Education began to develop a new Curriculum to complement the changes in a continuous expanding Technological environment, the needs of pupils, who did not seem to benefit fully from their experience at school, were highlighted. The subsequent demand for remedial teaching eventually started to rise significantly. Formal provision for remedial education in South Africa, within the national school system, to concur with the genesis of a more child centered philosophy of education is thus required to fulfill this need. The introduction and development of strategies to counteract learning difficulties is therefore essential.

The purpose and focus is on the operation and administration of a skills academy (SA Real Academy in Skills and Technology) as education vehicle to render a specialised remedial and assisted learning service combined with career development and preparing students for industry. SA Real Academy is concerned with the, investigation, intervention and treatment of learning difficulties from whatever source they may emanate and which hinder the normal development of the student. Further to this it will provide a skill and entrepreneurial development service to enable and equip students to positively contribute in the South African working industry.

SA Real Academy’s main purpose is to maintain a high caliber of professional teaching and partner with a diverse range of organisational bodies currently involved with skill development and training. Improved remedial education and assisted learning concepts will reach a new level utilising existing computer based departmental and SAQA accredited programs. This will empower learners and, with no doubt, will provide a formidable forum for an exchange of ideas and for the promotion of change and innovation.